Compliance is the process every import vehicle must undergo to ensure it meets Australian Design Rules. It may only be performed by Registered Automotive Workshops. owns it’s RAWS Workshop and can perform Compliance on a wide range of vehicles from Japan and the US.


Compliance begins right after purchase of your new Nissan Elgrand in Japan when the car is de-registered (in Japan) and the compliance workshop applies for an import approval from DOTARS (in Australia).

The import approval allows the car to be unloaded off the ship upon reaching Australia. Once the ship arrives in Australia, your Nissan Elgrand clears customs, is cleaned, and is transported to the compliance workshop.

Compliance entails writing a comprehensive report to the Department of Transport and regional services, and checking and installing the following:

  • Safety Check of the Vehicle
  • Check for any previous accident damage and rust affecting the structure
  • Return the vehicle to manufacturer’s specification (standard) format
  • Complete service (air, fuel and oil filters and fluids)
  • Fit a new catalytic converter (if required)
  • Engine tune and test
  • Evaporative emission test
  • Exhaust emission test
  • Replace seatbelt if worn or incorrectly fitted
  • Remove addition seat belts to comply as a camper van (After the registration this can be engineered back to a 8 seater wagon at a cost of $600)
  • Fit 3-4 child restraint anchorages and clip fittings
  • Check vehicle lights (head, brake, indicators) for conformity
  • New wiper blades
  • Ensure that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition
  • Fit a Used Import Plate to the vehicle